At a football stadium in the very heart of Prague the biggest Czech football match of the year is about to take place. The live broadcast begins. This time however, the twenty-two film cameras are not aimed at the pitch, but at the stands. They record how various people experience this one shared event. An astonished kid from the football prep team, a bettor who has put thousands of crowns on the match result, or a member of the security service who is there to assure a smooth running of the event: they all experience it differently. A distinguished literary critic, who is not really interested in football, a lady who takes care of what goes on in the VIP lounge, or disoriented Italian tourists who just stare disbelievingly at it all: they each have a different attitude too. Each camera presents a unique and authentic insight into the different levels of the stands, as well as the different levels of today’s society. Each character represents a unique version of the same match. As Hannah Arendt says: “Only where things can be seen by many in a variety of aspects without changing their identity, so that those who are gathered around them know they see sameness in utter diversity, can worldly reality truly and reliably appear.”


Director: Pavel Abrahám
Proposal: Tomáš Bojar
Script: Tomáš Bojar a Pavel Abrahám
Cinematography: Jiří Chod
Sound: Václav Flegl
Editor: Šimon Špidla
Dramaturgy: Jan Gogola ml.
Production manager: Kristina Šedivá
Graphic design: Jiří Karásek – Studio Oficina
Image post-production: i/o post
Sound post-production: Sounderground a Soundsquare
Producer: Pavel Abrahám a Tomáš Bojar, Cinema Arsenal
Co-producer: Jordi Niubó, i/o post
DCP Length: 108 minutus
DVD Length: 104 minutes
Format: DCP, colour
In cinemas: Autumn 2012


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